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Aussiedoodle: Breed Information and Personality Traits

You may or may not have heard about this cute, furry, energetic, and devoted companion, but have you ever wondered what kind of dogs Aussiedoodles are? They are a cross between poodles and Australian shepherds. These dogs are incredibly loyal and can be excellent companions for families with children. Not only are these dogs outgoing…

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How to Train Your Goldendoodle on Everything

Getting a new goldendoodle can be an overwhelming task.  There is so much to consider, including the cost of purchasing a dog, which breed to choose and how much training you’ll need to get him up to speed. Potty Training Using the right training techniques is important when potty training a Goldendoodle. It is a…

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Few Useful Remedies For Your Labradoodle Ears

If you suspect that your labradoodle has an ear infection, it’s important to take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible.  Early diagnosis and treatment can help reduce the risk of serious complications. Treatment may include antibiotics, ear drops, or both. Surgery may be necessary in severe cases.  Labradoodle’s Ears are Sensitive Labradoodle’s ear…

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Autumn Accessories For Dogs That Will Keep Them Warm

This Autumn, why not buy your dog an Autumn accessory that will keep him or her toasty warm? There are plenty of options available, from padded vests and dog coats to burrow beds and pet thermal mats.  These products will not only make your dog comfortable and cozy, but will also add vibrant color to…

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How To Choose The Best Doodle Breed For Your Family

Doodles are among the cutest breeds of dogs and are a mix of two breeds, with a Poodle usually being one of them. Doodles have thick, curly coats that are generally hypoallergenic and don’t shed. “Doodles” are a broad category that includes many breeds. The decision may be difficult for you to make. Several types…

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