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Our story

Hey there! I’m Ivan and I run Doodles Daily along with my beautiful girl Julianna and our master dog trainer, baby Zayden. We’re a growing family here at Doodles Daily, with our baby boy just turning 1. We’re located in Denver, Colorado but regularly place our pups around the United States and Canada. 

I began my journey breeding and training dogs over 11 years ago, while still in High School, when my father and I started a working dog business. We focused on training and breeding dogs with stable and confident temperaments that could perform at high levels in certain dog sports.

Then a few years back I decided to focus on breeding doodles after spending time with my aunts amazing labradoodle named Charlie. I was absolutely in love with this cuddly teddy bear who I could snuggle with, without triggering my allergies or ending up with hair all over my clothes.   

Our mission is simple- Breed the best doodles possible. We accomplish this through thoroughly studying bloodlines to ensure we’re passing on the correct traits to our puppies, it’s not just about looks! Although getting the colors you want is always a huge plus, priority is and always will be health and temperament.  Then unlike most breeders, we put a ton of time into socializing and training our puppies during pivotal developmental periods so that they go home to you with a happy & confident head start at life.